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My Kids, My inspiration!

By admin

Posted on August 13, 2016

“I never thought I would be a fashion designer but since design was so close to me I knew I would be a curator of design.”

In college I wasn’t sure like other teenagers whether it would   be interior, fashion or some other form.

“I started to design clothes for kids when I realized that there was nothing available in the market for them thattook care of their comfort and design. Fayon bringstogether my love for kids and my passion to makeexclusive garments for them.”

My journey to motherhood taught me that I should make my to be one year old a party dress which should be comfortable and also she should be able to play and enjoy throughout the party, but in the market there was no dress available which provide style as well as comfort.

Being a mom to a 1 year old got me geared up for the roller coaster ride that entrepreneurship entails. Running an early stage startup requires superlative multitasking, extended work hours, self motivation, an undying spirit to nurture despite of the steep learning curve, and an ability to use all the support systems around you to get the best output possible and never giving up! That’s what I had learned from being a first time mom.

And now its been almost 12 years I am managing both my kids and my brand.

The surrounding ecosystem includes family, friends, neighbours, colleagues, supportive investors and a co-founder – they all helped me beat the initial challenges.

The fluid structure of a startup helped me come up with newer out of box solutions – 5 am to 12 noon work hours for me, automating repeat processes, have meetings over Skype and so on. If one sticks to a schedule and priorities on every step, finding the hours are never a problem. I loved every bit of the journey and managed every pressure coming on to me with passion and just kept moving ahead a step at a time.

Being a mom and an entrepreneur at the same time is the best multitasking high a workaholic woman can ever achieve.

My kids keep me going!!