Tips For Parents During Children's Exams!


By admin

Posted on September 23, 2016


Its exam time for our kids and its very important for parents to keep calm and help their children to get through their exams. So here are some tips for parents during their children’s exam times.
1.KNOW YOUR CHILD’S EXAM SCHEDULE: Make sure you know the exact dates of your children’s exams. Also you should have an idea of which subject exam should be on which day.Make sure you are at all times aware when your son or daughter has to be in the examination center.
2.MAKE A CHECKLIST OF DAILY REQUIREMENTS: Make a final check each morning before you leave home that your son or daughter is fully prepared for the day’s exams. Writing instruments, along with the other requirements such as rulers, erasers, calculators etc should be checked.
3.MAKE SURE YOUR CHILD IS PRESENT IN EVERY EXAM: Make sure you wake your child up on exam day and get them dressed up on time.
4.HELP THEM TO MAINTAIN A BALANCED DAILY ROUTINE: There should be a proper balance between study and rest. Make sure they take proper rest after the exam before starting the preparation of next exam. Late night exam preparations should be avoided.It’s important to get a good night’s sleep before an exam, so discourage your child from staying up late to cram. And make sure he or she eats a good breakfast on the morning of the exam.

5.MAINTAIN A HEALTHY DIET: What you eat and drink affects your performance in any field of activity, especially one involving mental sharpness. As a parent, you should try to ensure that your child eats and drinks nutritious food during the coming weeks. Grazing on junk food is very tempting at times of increased stress. Avoid this.Make sure there are plenty of healthy snacks in the fridge and try to provide good, nutritious food at regular intervals.

6.DON’T OVERHYPE THE IMPORTANCE OF ANY EXAMINATION!: Make it clear to your kids that your love and regard for them is in no way dependent on how they perform in the Junior or Leaving Certificates. This affirmation is the best gift you can give them on the eve of their exams.
7.DON’T ISOLATE THE KIDS IN THEIR STUDY ROOMS: Don’t isolate them in the study room upstairs. Contact with their peers is very important to maintaining their spirits during the coming weeks. You can also support them and lift their spirits when they are taking a break from their studies.