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  • Best Ethnic Wear Ideas for Baby Boys

    Dec 06, 2021, Fayon Kids

    Ethnic wear is a must-have in the wardrobe when it comes to boys and the different styles with it. Wide range of collections for boys and with great colour, patterns, prints and designs options to choose from. Here are the best five styles which are a must-have.


    One of the most stylish and must-have styles for boys are ajkan. It has a wide range of collections with different variations of colours, designs and patterns, along with different material options.

    Kurta Sets

    Kurta sets are not just a set ... .

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  • 5 Tips to style Sharara Suits this wedding season

    Nov 30, 2021, Fayon Kids

    Sharara pieces are one of those ethnic choices which can never go out of fashion and is one of the must-have pieces in your wardrobe. When it comes to styling our kids, it can get difficult for us to choose the perfect option for them to wear for a longer timeframe. Here are the five tips to style Sharara suits in the best possible way for the wedding season.

    Set Style Options

    We have a wide range of collections when it comes to the top and bottom ... .

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  • Trendy Salwar Kameez Styles For Girls

    Nov 16, 2021, Fayon Kids

    Fashion and trends are currently the most peaked talk and we need to make our little girls have the most fashionable cupboard collection. Salwar suits for girls have a wide range of options to choose from and with so many colour options along with the trendiest salwar kameez styles. Here are five different styles to choose from.

    Print On Print

    One of the most fashionable styles for this season is print on print where there is a wide range of the collection available with different prints, patterns, ... .

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  • 10 easy tips to style your kid in waistcoats

    Nov 08, 2021, Fayon Kids

    We need something fashionable and comfortable for your little young man but we don't want it to be ethnic, so let's go all-in for waistcoat sets for boys. Let's make it fun, comfortable and fashionable with the options you have. These are the eight points you should know before shopping for a kid’s waistcoat set.

    Colour On Colour

    The most fashionable pick for this season is colour on colour for kid’s waistcoat. Pick any smart trending season colours like yellow, aqua blue or even black as per ... .

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  • How do I convince my parents to allow me wear ...

    Oct 27, 2021, Fayon Kids

    Fashion choices and even choosing your clothes is a must not because we learn automatically but also, we understand what suits us better and we learn to organise and know ourselves better. Many times, we might not agree with what our parents say and we would like to wear something of our own choice, here are a few points to remember as to how you can convince your parents to allow you to wear something of your own choice.

    Make them understand your style

    Every individual has ... .

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  • What is the best wear at a Diwali Party

    Oct 18, 2021, Fayon Kids

    The festive season is back and is around the corner and we cannot keep calm because this Diwali let’s talk about what would be the best party wear for boys and party wear for girls. We all know every year Fashion trends, designs and styles take a huge turn and so like for this year, 2021; Diwali would be just about fashionable traditional kids wear and comfort. Let’s make sure to pick such beautiful styles this time that our loved ones can wear ... .

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  • What our new kids clothes collection has in store for ...

    Oct 01, 2021, Fayon Kids

    Kids keep growing and so does our collection in store for you to have the best experience every time you shop with us for kids wear. Let’s see what our new kid's clothes collection has in store for you this season which is made with love and warmth.

    Head To Toe

    It’s easier when you know what style or looks you want to create for your children. Most of the time we don’t know how to finish the entire look, to give them accessories, matching hair accessories ... .

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  • Top 10 Cute 1st Birthday Party Outfits Ideas for Baby

    Sep 24, 2021, Fayon Kids

    Birthdays will always be special and it is way more special when it’s their very 1st birthday. Kids party wear or birthday dresses for kids is what we look for, we want something very special which is that of 1st birthday designer clothes for children. Here are the top 10 cute 1st birthday party outfit ideas for baby boys.

    Theme Picks

    Theme parties are important and so is the fashionable styles, kids party wear can be difficult and yet easy if you pick the right theme party. ... .

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  • Comfort vs Fashion : Choosing Kids Wear for Baby

    Sep 17, 2021, Fayon Kids

    Comfort vs fashion is a never-ending debate topic, we all have different likes, dislikes and the right to choose the kind of style we want to go ahead with. People who wear fashionable clothes will always complain about how uncomfortable a piece can be and the ones who choose comfort will always complain about the unfashionable choice of clothing. The story is the same when it comes to kids wear and their platforms for buying kids dresses online / kids were online.

    High-Low Dresses

    There are a ... .

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  • Do's and Don't's for Styling Your Kid

    Sep 11, 2021, Fayon Kids

    Styling our kids can be difficult knowing that it takes a lot to make them comfortable and wearable for a longer period. Let’s remember basic Dos and Don’ts for styling a child. Do not forget these basic 10 steps in your life, it will just make it extremely easy and will create a stylish look for you.


    Out of The Box

    We at times don’t let ourselves experiment and explore the different designs and styles of our children. So, this time remember to think out ... .

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