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  • Best Ideas to Choose Perfect Kids Party Dresses for Special ...

    Mar 19, 2021, Fayon Kids

    Every time a new party comes up, you are perplexed what to dress your little princess in. It must be unique and different from what she adorned in the last party. We at FayonKids can help you overcome this challenge by offering the latest, unique, and awe-inspiring kids party wear dresses. Frills, ribbons, and net flares are just few of the adornments that make these party dresses so beautiful and vibrant.

    Take a look at some of the latest and most beautiful Girls dresses that make ... .

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  • Pick Lovely Unique Baby Girl Baptism Dresses and Gowns

    Mar 05, 2021, Fayon Kids

    Baptism is an essential Christian ritual. When planning the special occasion for your baby girl, you will have to choose the perfect baptism indian wear for girls. There are many catholic baptism dresses for kids, but finding the right clothing can be a challenge. It can especially be a challenge if you don’t know where to look for these dresses. Here, you can find out how to look for the best baptism dresses for little girls that can add charm to the occasion      ... .

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  • From the diary of a Nine Year Old

    Feb 20, 2021, Simran

    “Dear Diary,

    I hate it when my friends call me names. I know they’re my best buddies but I feel bad being called chocolate, brownie bar, browny bum, all the time. Sometimes I so wish I was fair and white, like those pretty angels in fairytales..I so wish if I could get a magical paintbrush to paint myself, I would rush to get it!..”

    This journal note had the power to travel far. It started from the moment the nine-year-old’s Mommy found this note by her ... .

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  • We are Loving the New Designer Kids Wear Collection at ...

    Feb 12, 2021, Fayon Kids

    We are thrilled to launch a new designer kidswear india collection at FayonKids. It features designer wears from the some of the best Indian designers . As weddings and festive occasions are fast approaching, every parent wants to see their kids dress up to their best. With our new collection, we have added many new designs in western and traditional clothing, ranging from western dresses to anarkalis to lehengas and more.

    As we move ahead with the big launch, we would like you to ... .

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  • Baby Girl Dresses for Weddings This Season '21

    Jan 09, 2021, Fayon Kids

    This season has been full of challenges and changing times. We all saw a lot, felt a lot, and spent quite a time with family. The time we all craved for, we got it in abundance with the lockdown. As precautionary measures due to the pandemic, the wedding season is set to be subtle, intimate and a more private affair this year. But that does not mean any less of celebration and any less of reasons to dress up? We bring you some of the ... .

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  • Top Ethnic Wear for Boys This Diwali Season

    Dec 15, 2020, Fayon Kids

    With the onset of Festivals this year, we’re all so pumped up and excited to spend this time joyfully. The lockdown has taken a toll and stirred a monotonous air all around. Let us look for the simplest reasons to celebrate and make the most of the festivities, maintaining a healthy social distance but spreading smiles and laughter. Dress up yourself and your little ones in style this season and feel the best you. Dressing up good makes one feel on cloud nine, so why ... .

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  • 6 Latest Kids Ethnic Wear For Girls this Diwali

    Oct 09, 2020, Fayon Kids

    The Festive Season is around the corner and we are all pumped up with the vibes to go out there and celebrate this time. We have had our share of staying in with our families during the lockdown and we’re on a lookout for the best option to shop for festivities maintaining all precautionary measures, to have a healthy and safe time. We have sorted your troubles here and we bring you a list of the Top trending ethnic wear for Diwali this year.    ... .

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  • Celebration of Durga Puja with Fayon Kids outfit

    Apr 03, 2020, Priyanka Agarwal

    As an Indian, I have celebrated almost every festival in a year but when I shifted to Surat, I have actually seen people celebrating Navratri so beautifully. For me, it was just like people go in a ground and play “Dandiya” or “Garba”. But now I understood the value of this festival in Gujarat. Navratri is a nine-night and ten days (as per hindu calendar) celebration in Hindu festival, which comes in Autumn. It is celebrated differently in various parts of Indian subcontinent. I would ... .

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  • Fashion Twinning with My Little Girl in Fayon Kids

    Oct 22, 2019, Fayon Kids

    Eid is just around the corner. Have you got your festive gear sorted? This Eid, I’m planning on fashion twinning with my little one. I first discovered Fayon Kids at Numaish Exhibitions. Based in India’s capital city of Delhi which is renowned for its old-world handicrafts and exquisite fabrics, the brand was created by doting mother Preeti Jatia. Preeti was having a hard time finding attractive outfits for her two little girls, so she went on a mission to create a line of her own. ... .

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  • Fayon Kids: My Little Girl in Her Brocade Lehenga

    Aug 07, 2019, Fayon Kids

    Like all little girls, my little one loves playing dress-up. She has a special liking for ‘twirling dresses’ like the princesses of Disney, and the very colorful Indian clothing of Bollywood (all of which she calls a ‘sari’). At the Numaish exhibition a few seasons ago, I happened to walk into the stall of Fayon Kids. Based in Delhi, this brand of children’s clothing takes traditional Indian outfits for little ones to another level alltogether. Not only do they do the very traditional garb, but ... .

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