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  • Celebration of Durga Puja with Fayon Kids outfit

    Apr 03, 2020,

    As an Indian, I have celebrated almost every festival in a year but when I shifted to Surat, I have actually seen people celebrating Navratri so beautifully. For me, it was just like people go in a ground and play “Dandiya” or “Garba”. But now I understood the value of this festival in Gujarat. Navratri is a nine-night and ten days (as per hindu calendar) celebration in Hindu festival, which comes in Autumn. It is celebrated differently in various parts of Indian subcontinent. I would love to share how it is celebrated in Gujrat. Gujrat is the only state where it is celebrated for 9 nights, dancing and wearing unique Ghagara-choli. I have seen everyone is a man or woman, actually dressing up every night in traditional clothes and playing Dandiya/Garba. This festival of dance is organized in big grounds or dome. So that 1000’s of people can gather together and enjoy it. In Gujrat, they visit Ambaji temple every day to take the blessing of Goddess. Also, it is a tradition in the state to harvest new seeds into the soil and water it for nine days. Every evening Aarti is performed before the Goddess. Both acoustic music and new amplified music played for Garba. Some people also fast for all 9 days and pray to the goddess for their good and happy life. The Tenth Day is considered to be the auspicious Day, called “Vijayadashami”, popularly known as “Dussehra”. People buy a new vehicle on this day! The best thing about the last day is “Jalebi & Fafda”, which is the traditional food allover Gujrat! And people enjoy it a lot. Happy Navratri to all of you! My dress from the boutique in Surat. Viraanhs’s outfit - @Fayonkis


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