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  • Fashion Twinning with My Little Girl in Fayon Kids

    Oct 22, 2019,

    Eid is just around the corner. Have you got your festive gear sorted? This Eid, I’m planning on fashion twinning with my little one. I first discovered Fayon Kids at Numaish Exhibitions. Based in India’s capital city of Delhi which is renowned for its old-world handicrafts and exquisite fabrics, the brand was created by doting mother Preeti Jatia. Preeti was having a hard time finding attractive outfits for her two little girls, so she went on a mission to create a line of her own. Fayon Kids was born, an attractive and fun line of traditional and contemporary clothing for your little princesses and princes. Each piece is tailor made to fit, and the best part is that you get to customize them according to cut and color, and even patterns.But that’s not all… if mummy likes something from the range, the collection can be made to adult size too! So my baby girl and I got matching sharara sets


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