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  • Fayon Kids: My Little Girl in Her Brocade Lehenga

    Aug 07, 2019,

    Like all little girls, my little one loves playing dress-up. She has a special liking for ‘twirling dresses’ like the princesses of Disney, and the very colorful Indian clothing of Bollywood (all of which she calls a ‘sari’). At the Numaish exhibition a few seasons ago, I happened to walk into the stall of Fayon Kids. Based in Delhi, this brand of children’s clothing takes traditional Indian outfits for little ones to another level alltogether. Not only do they do the very traditional garb, but they also have Indo-Western pieces for little princesses, and even miniature copies of costumes seen on Bollywood sirens. Fayon Kids sent this absolutely stunning lehenga for my little girl, and she’s been bugging me to let her wear it ever since. This is a three-piece outfit consisting of a heavily brocaded silk skirt, a velvet blouse, and a chiffon dupatta (a light Indian scarf/shawl) that is attached to the skirt. The blouse has a key-hole design at the back, and had-sewn embroidery. Even her Barbie is wearing an Indian lehenga… matching, matching! The very lovely people at Fayon Kids also sent her a beautiful mang tikki to go with the outfit. This is the ornamental head-piece dangling on her forehead. I thought it would fall off any moment, despite the additional clips I put on her, but she was very ladylike and looked after the tikki and outfit very well throughout this shoot


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