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  • From the diary of a Nine Year Old

    Feb 20, 2021,

    “Dear Diary,

    I hate it when my friends call me names. I know they’re my best buddies but I feel bad being called chocolate, brownie bar, browny bum, all the time. Sometimes I so wish I was fair and white, like those pretty angels in fairytales..I so wish if I could get a magical paintbrush to paint myself, I would rush to get it!..”

    This journal note had the power to travel far. It started from the moment the nine-year-old’s Mommy found this note by her bedside. It left a rippling effect on her and chills ran down her nerves, as she stood there in the summer morning Monday reading those words her daughter had penned down over the weekend. The weekend had been spent well with family and friends. But deep down she was unaware of the fact that was stirring up in her daughter’s heart. That very moment she had determined thoughts to fix this, but in a beautiful way. She never brought this up to her daughter and neither did she ever question her about this. That day, standing in that room gaping out of the window, she thought to herself, how she’s been a person who never dared to distinguish people based on how they looked, instead she’s been a woman who always loved every creation of nature and found inspirations in the corners unexpected. She had to put these shattered pieces of the jigsaw in places of calm and compassion.

    With the buzz slowly pushing its way through the market, Fayon Kids was making its mark amongst the sellers and retailers at that time. She lined up a studio shoot the coming week and chose kids who are beautifully dusky as the baby models. And ever since that day, all the photo-shoots at the studio have followed the concept of “All Colors Are Beautiful”, subtly and passionately.

    That’s the magic words can create! From what started from the disappointed corners of the weekend night which were silently breathing in the innocent heart, it explored to be an idea that has been hand-in hands with Fayon Kids and has been an integral part of the venture ever since.

    From the Founder’s Desk:
    “I strongly believe that all humans are beautiful and, as a woman, we hold the power to give birth to adorable beings. And to scorn anyone based on any particular physical aspect, is a nerve we better press harshly, for our kids to flourish and create an environment for them to grow wonderfully!”.

    Penned By,


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