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  • How to dress your little girl like a real princess

    Jul 01, 2021,

    Daughters are our lifelines; they are born to be a princess. It’s every girl’s dream to dress once in her lifetime like a princess and to create her own little fairy tale where she can be the princess of her own choice. Fayon Kids brings to you the never before experience and tips to dress your little girl like a real princess.


    Instead of layering up and trying to create a forceful look by a colour match of the princess dress; make a smart purchase. Buy pieces and styles which is easier for you to create a look and make your girl look like a reel life princess.


    Don’t forget that a simple crown or even one extra accessory can instantly lift up your entire style and can make you feel like a princess. A fairy stick, hair band or even a small piece of hair clip can do the magic you are looking for.


    We often forget the entire look or we are not being able to find something online or at the stores for our girls. We look for something in particular, which our kids like; their all-time favourite princess. Let’s not waste time and go ahead with customisation.


    Often, we forget how simply we can give weight on the entire look by just adding head accessories. There are various options available for your daughters to look like a reel life princess; Hair Band, Tiara, Crown, Ribbon or even small little Clips.


    One of fastest fashion forward style is when you don’t miss out on any of the smallest detail about a princess. The back style of a princess is also wings, net fabrics and detailed work on a wing, feels that of a fairy.


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