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  • Tips to dress kids in traditional wear

    Jun 23, 2021,

    Occasions, Celebrations or even a small puja at your face, a get together, wedding or even a small close one’s functions, Traditional wear is something which we cannot do without. Traditional wear comes with so many options; from Anarkali, Sharara, Lehenga, Indo-western to even suits for girls. Ajkan, Nehru Jacket, Sets, Kurta to even Dhoti styles are available for boys.

    To have a quick and easy way to make your kids wear Traditional Wear can be challenging but would be worth it, if you follow these tips to dress kids in traditional wear.

    Understand Their Style

    Children tend to develop a taste of liking and after a certain age; they know what’s their favourite list. They can speak about their favourite colour, cartoon or even a person, they instantly have a smile and are drawn towards it. We need to understand what would be the style they would like and carry confidently and in style. Let’s find out the style which looks best on them and make it easy for both of us.


    Traditional wear is something we wear for long period of time, keeping that in mind we have to make sure the kids are comfortable. Traditional wear comes in with a lot of heavy work, embroidery and even with layers, they might not be okay with it and are more likely to get cranky. Try to go for something which they will be comfortable in and you don’t have to keep running for a quick change.


    Children tend to grow up quickly and It is indeed the most beautiful experience, before they start dressing up the way they like and the clothes they want to wear, get ready to explore. There are different styles for kids and with so many different twists and even with modern styles. You can make them wear different styles and see what suits the best on them, from prints, colours, patterns to even cuts and designs.


    Most of the times, for a small function we tend to get something super simple yet very elegant. The game changes when we start to accessories the kids, even a simple suit or a kurta with a very smart footwear, bangles, hair bands can completely change the look and give weight to the overall style. Accessories is something which comes in use not just for one attire but you can mix-match with different options and even for a different style you create.


    Hope on the trends and take them forward with what’s the most trending style of the season. Get your hands on fashionable traditional wear, take in the trends according the season, with colours, prints, silhouettes, patters and even cuts and pieces.



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