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  • Fabric

    Our fabrics are sourced from only a handful of mills across the world. We work closely with our partner mills to refine and innovate our fabric offering.

    We offer fabrics in a variety of weaves, prints, textures, embroidery etc... our fabrics used will be mainly pure fabrics and we do not use mixed/polyester fabrics. Comfort of your child is our main aim.

    The life of your garment depends on how you treat the garment and the inherent fabric. We recommend standard DRY CLEANING instruction to be the best for your garments.

  • Construction

    Our Garments are carefully constructed at our workshop at New Delhi.

    We use only the finest raw materials when putting together our garments. Our Threads too are of superior quality able to withstand higher levels of stress. We give Sufficient margins in each Garments.

    To learn about some of the nuances that make our Garment different. Our Fabrics are all pure and mill dyed so there is no colour bleeding.

    We offer many different designs silhouettes which are timely refreshed on our website.

  • Sizing

    We do not hold any garment inventory with us - we start working on your garments once an order is receive.

    Our garments are made as per our Size Chart available on our Website. Incase you want to customise your size we will make it as per the measurements given by you.

    For those who prefer standard sizing, we have that option too. Our size chart is attached for your reference.

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