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Acqua Shirt with Hot Air Balloons Motif Waist Coat and Pant

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  • Size: Sizing Help
  • Quantity: COD facility available in India
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Additional information
    1. Shirt without lining
    2. Self Buttons and Cuff in Sleeves
    3. Waist coat with soft lining
    4. Motifs on one side
    5. Pant without lining
    6. Bow Tie
    • TOP : Acqua Shirt with Hot Air Balloons Motif Waist Coat
    • BOTTOM :Lemon Yellow Pant
    • STYLE CODE : FK2078
    • Weight :1kg
    • Manufacturing :Made in India
    • Fabric :Indian Fabric
    • Expiry Date : Not Applicable
    • DISPATCH TIME : 3-4 days after receipt of order and payment.
    • DELIVERY TIME : Approximately 3-4 days from dispatch date.
    • NOTE : All our pieces are made to order (Subject to availability of fabric).
    • SHIPPING (India): Free Shipping.
    • SHIPPING (International): Extra as per actual, shipping charges to be added at the end.
    • WASH : Dry Clean.
    • RETURN POLICY : This product is not returnable.

How can we not have theme parties for our little heroes? Get hold of this dapper look with the most trendy colour of the year, aqua shirt with hot air balloons motif on the waist coat with lemon pants. This beautiful colour contrast of, off-white and lemon yellow.