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Elegant and Stylish Approaches to Wear an Anarkali Dress for Girls

Importance of Fashion in today's world!

Fashion has become a vital part of every individual's life. It's a way of expressing oneself as a person. Your clothing choices can say a lot about your personality. So, styling yourself and your kids is something you should not mess up with.

But, let's be honest here, dressing up kids can be tricky sometimes because your kid's attire should be fashionable yet comfortable. And so, choosing outfits for kids is quite a task at times. Especially girls' ethnic wear, as our Indian ethnic wear has loads of options to choose from. And when we talk about Anarkali, there are plenty of variations to choose from.

What is an Anarkali Dress?

Anarkali dress is a set of frock-style or flared & fitted long top wear, slim fit bottom wear, and with or without a dupatta. It comes in different lengths and embroidery work and has a rich & classy appearance.

Its name comes from the renowned Mughal emperor's courtesan, Anarkali. From coming to India in the Mughal era and becoming popular at first in the Mughal ancient times to not losing its popularity ever since and being loved by girls till today, the kids Anarkali dress has become one of the favorite attires for girls.

In this blog, we will talk about some elegant and stylish approaches to wearing an Anarkali dress for girls.

Styling an Anarkali Dress for Girls

Styling a Floor-length Anarkali Dress for Kids with a Dupatta

A floor-length printed Anarkali with long sleeves will be an ideal pick for this style. You need to make your baby girl wear the dupatta on the backside of her neck, putting the rest of it on her front and equally divided. Grab a belt that is printed or solid or designed or whatever best suits the Anarkali, and lock it after setting the dupatta. And your little girl is good to go. You can also accessorize it with matching bangles and printed jutti.

Styling a Flared Anarkali Suit for Kids with a Jacket

Grab a flared Anarkali with short sleeves or a sleeveless of your choice. Asymmetrical flared Anarkali is what we will prefer for this style. Grab a solid jacket for a printed Anarkali and a printed or decorated jacket for a solid or light work Anarkali. We would also suggest you go for a long-sleeved jacket for a sleeveless Anarkali and a sleeveless jacket for a short-sleeved Anarkali for a more stylish look. You can also get a cute hairclip and bangles to add more grace. And with this, your princess will be ready to slay at every event.

Styling an Anarkali with a Frill Dupatta

Frill designs are very much in style and give the wearer a fashionable look.
Pick a full-flared floor-length Anarkali of catchy color with embroidery on the yoke and sleeves. Take a designed frill dupatta, put it over one shoulder, and secure it with a safety pin. Let one side of the dupatta fall straight in the front and take the other side diagonal to the secured side and bring it to the front side from the back under the arms. And your baby girl is ready.

The frill dupattas are already beautifully designed, so simply wearing them will make their design come out gracefully. Set the dupatta with an embroidered belt and complete the look with matching bangles, jutti, and hair accessories.

Styling an Anarkali with an Organza Dupatta

Organza is very popular and in fashion these days. The fabric is breathable, lightweight, and has a sheer appearance. A fully flared Anarkali with long sleeves is a perfect pick for this style.

Grab a designed organza dupatta; we prefer a layered one for a more stylish look. First, secure the dupatta on one shoulder with a safety pin or a secure clip. Remember to divide the dupatta in such a way, while setting it, so that the front side should be longer than the backside. Then take the dupatta from the front diagonally towards the back under the arms.

Now take the dupatta from the back towards the front and let both sides overlap. Take both tips of the dupatta and secure it with a safety pin or stylish accessory. For a complete look, accessorize it with bangles, jutti, and a cute little potli. And let your princess rock on any occasion.


Anarkalis have always remained in fashion. It is an ideal choice in ethnic and contemporary wear for girls. Above were some of the elegant and stylish approaches to wearing an Anarkali dress for girls. Follow these tips to give your baby girl a fashionable and elegant look in an Anarkali dress. So, that was all about styling an Anarkali. We hope you got what you were looking for here.

Stay stylish! Keep Shopping!

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